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Do you struggle with planning your family's menu?


Does searching Pinterest for meal ideas leave you feeling exhausted?


Does trying to find a menu planning system, that works for your family, make you feel overwhelmed?


Are you tired of menu planning taking so long?


If you answered yes, I know exactly how you feel!


For years, I used all different kinds of methods for planning my family's menu. I've used printables I found online, pen & paper, Google Docs, and a variety of different apps on my phone.


I couldn't find a system that worked for me and didn't seem to take forever.


I finally created a system that works for me and doesn't leave me feeling overwhelmed.


If if works for me, it can work for you.


Here is what I use to plan my family's menu each week:



  • Grocery list categorized by the fastest path through the grocery store.
  • Our Family Favorites meal list.
  • Pinterest. But not in an overwhelming way. 

Here is how I plan my family's menu:


  • Do a quick inventory of the pantry, frig, & freezer. This is a mental inventory. I do not choose to take the time to keep a paper or digital copy of my inventory. (Who has time for that?!)
  • Take a look at our Family Favorites (Rotating Meals) printable. I choose 3-4 dinners from this list.
  • Search Pinterest for one new to our family recipe. Usually this is a new dinner, sometimes it's a dessert.

Are you ready for menu planning to be a much easier task?


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Yes, only FIVE. No need to send you a bagillion printables that will only leave you feeling more overwhelmed!


What exaclty will you get?


  • Family Favorites (Rotating Meals)
  • Grocery List
  • Weekly Menu Planner
  • Monthly Menu Planner
  • Kitchen Cheat Sheet

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